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This is a photographic community for those interested in photography.

Please, no webcam pictures, self-portraits, snapshots, pornography, or digital artwork (- however, take note that this does not mean that digital photography is disallowed). Tasteful/partial nudity is acceptable.

Photoshopping is allowed for cropping and level/contrast adjustments, but here in this community we would like to emphasize the photographical aspect of the medium rather than the manipulation.

Large or work unsafe pictures should go behind cut-tags. We suggest that pictures should be no bigger than 500x700, as a simple courtesy to those with dial-up connections.

Please, no links. We want to see pictures, not websites.

No posting others' photography. This is a place to showcase your own work.

All images posted are copyright of the postee.

We would like this to be a community to challenge your talents and creativity. We want it to be fun. We want it to be a place where you can get pointers or ask questions, where constructive critism is all right. We want this to be a place where talented people can shine.

Moderators are laserbitch, ninevah and gypsylou.